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Phullu Full HD Movie 1080p: Watch the Inspiring Story of a Man Who Fights for Women's Hygiene

Phullu Full HD Movie 1080p: A Social Drama with a Touch of Comedy

If you are looking for a movie that tackles a sensitive issue with humor and empathy, you might want to check out Phullu full hd movie 1080p. Phullu is a Hindi movie that was released in 2017 and directed by Abhishek Saxena. The movie tells the story of an uneducated man named Phullu who lives in a small village and helps the women there by getting them things from the city. He is unaware of the problems that women face during menstruation until he meets a female doctor who enlightens him. He then decides to create awareness and affordable sanitary napkins for women in rural areas.

Phullu full hd movie 1080p

Phullu is a movie that aims to break the taboo around menstruation and promote menstrual hygiene. It also showcases the struggles and challenges that women face in accessing basic facilities and resources. The movie has a mix of drama, comedy, and romance, and features some memorable performances by the actors. In this article, we will tell you more about Phullu full hd movie 1080p, including its plot, cast, reviews, ratings, streaming platforms, download options, benefits, challenges, and similar movies.

What is Phullu Movie About?

Phullu is a movie that revolves around the protagonist Phullu (played by Sharib Hashmi), who is a good-for-nothing man who lives with his mother and sister in a village. He is known for not doing any work other than helping the women of his village by getting them things from the city. He is also fond of listening to stories from an old woman who tells him tales of fairies and magic.

One day, he meets a female doctor (played by Jyoti Sethi) who comes to his village for a medical camp. She tells him about menstruation and how women suffer due to lack of proper facilities and awareness. She also gives him some sanitary pads to distribute among the women. Phullu is shocked and curious to learn about this new phenomenon. He tries to talk to his wife (played by Nutan Surya ) about menstruation, but he is met with resistance and ridicule. He realizes that there is a lot of stigma and superstition around this topic in his village. He decides to take matters into his own hands and make low-cost sanitary pads for the women. He uses his savings and borrows money from a local shopkeeper to buy a machine and raw materials. He also learns how to make the pads from the internet.

However, his noble initiative is not appreciated by his family and the villagers. They think he is doing something shameful and sinful. They mock him, insult him, and ostracize him. His wife leaves him and goes back to her parents' house. His mother disowns him and throws him out of the house. He is left alone with his machine and his pads.

Will Phullu be able to overcome the challenges and change the mindset of the people? Will he be able to win back his wife and his family? Will he be able to make a difference in the lives of the women? To find out, you have to watch Phullu full hd movie 1080p online or download it for offline viewing.

Who are the Cast and Crew of Phullu Movie?

Phullu movie has a talented cast and crew who have done justice to their roles and the theme of the movie. Here are some of the main cast and crew members of Phullu movie:



Sharib Hashmi


Nutan Surya

Phullu's wife

Jyoti Sethi

Female doctor


Phullu's friend

Abhishek Saxena


Shaan Ahmed Khan


Marc Baschet


Sachin Gupta

Music director

Vikram Singh Rathore


Rohit Chauhan




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