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Fetty Wap - Trap Queen

Written by Fetty Wap and produced by Tony Fadd of RGF Productions, "Trap Queen" is a melodic lo-fi hip hop,[15] trap,[9][16] R&B,[17] and pop-rap song.[18] Wap sings most of the song's verses, along with its chorus, in a gritty, melodic delivery reminiscent of contemporary Southern hip hop artists such as Gucci Mane, Future, Rich Homie Quan, and Young Thug.[6][16] Wap's sung vocals, particularly during the song's chorus, are digitally altered.[19][20] One additional verse, following the first iteration of the chorus, is rapped in a more straightforward, traditional style. The song's beat is largely characterized by its trap percussion and synthesized chords.[20]

Fetty Wap - Trap Queen

Lyrically, "Trap Queen" is a giddy, affectionate tribute to a girlfriend and "partner in crime" whom Wap calls his trap queen.[13][21] Wap has clarified that the song was written about an ex he had been dating and dealing crack cocaine with during his own time in the trap.[6][9][12][22] In its lyrics, Wap proclaims his love for his girlfriend, fondly recalling counting money, going shopping, going to the strip club, getting high, and "cooking pies" with her.[12][20][23] The lyrics also express an aspirational quality, with Wap and his girlfriend setting a goal to buy matching Lamborghinis with the money they earn together. Ural Garrett of HipHopDX compared the song's lyrical approach to urban fiction narratives, stating that its themes "wouldn't feel too out of place in writings from Zane, Wahida Clark or Mz. Lady P".[19]

Ever since Fetty Wap's Trap Queen exploded across the airwaves late last year, the single has remixed by anyone and everyone, with Wap's infectious vocals being layered over savage 808 stabs, funky disco-infused synth lines and everything in between. Now, some of the most forward-thinking pioneers of the electronic genre have jumped on board in what could be one of the largest remixes to date, with Norwegian heart-throb Lido teaming up with Jersey front-runners DJ Sliink and Big O for the latest remix. The remix is timid to start off with, the Wap's vocals placed on top of building synth and high-pitched vocal chops, before exploding into a fury of future-bass synth and it doesn't stop there. The song is then flipped onto it's head by what is obviously the jersey club tag-team of Sliink and O, with wild bass hits and bells in a minimalistic trap drop before returning to the vocals one last time. The remix was premiered during Alison Wonderland's triple j mix-up set a few weeks back, but is yet to see an official release. 041b061a72


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