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Buy Boosted Board Fixed

While we LOVE Boosted, we also LOVE Evolve and Minimotors. Boosted USA is now offering Evolve Skateboards, and Accessories as well as Minimotors Electic Scooters . Boards are in stock and shipping now.

buy boosted board

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Evolve Skateboards was born in Australia, in 2008, through sheer passion and obsession for finding the link between snowboarding, surfing, and all things carving on land. After scouring the world for the best electric skateboard, Evolve was developed out of the need for aesthetically refined and quality electric skateboards that were focused on creating the ultimate endless wave experience.

The company started a Kickstarter campaign promising a premium electric skateboard called the "Boosted Board" for a $100,000 goal. It was a massive success, and generated over $467,000 from backers.[4]

In February 2017, the second generation was re-released with additional upgrades to its battery and firmware. In November 2017, an expanded version of the Boosted mobile app was released, including expansion from just iOS to also include Android. In January 2018 the Extended Range Battery was released, which is able to be mounted on second generation boards, effectively doubling the range of skateboard. On April 17, 2018, Boosted announced its third generation of skateboards. It included two longboards, and for the first time, two shortboards. The company also expanded at this time from shipping in US and Canada to 34 countries, including the EU, Australia, and New Zealand. Time magazine named the Boosted Mini a Top 50 Invention of the Year. In December 2018, Boosted received over $60 million in new investment to continue its global expansion and development of additional products.[7]

In April 2020, it was reported that Lime has acquired some of the remaining assets of Boosted including five of the company's core patents.[12] The remaining inventory of skateboards, scooters, and related parts was acquired by Boosted USA.[13]

The second generation boards were announced on May 19, 2016.[16] The second generation features an upgrade to the electronics and drive train of the board. New boards featured modular components such as the motors, skid plates, ESC, and battery. Second generation was also launched with two battery sizes, the 99 watt-hour SR battery and the 199 watt-hour XR battery. Originally announced with a singe motor variant, the 2nd generation later discontinued development of this board due to an XR battery recall and subsequent shipping delays.[6]

The third generation Boosted Boards were introduced on April 17, 2018.[17][18] The line exists of four models, with the Boosted Mini, a smaller electric skateboard. The major difference between 2nd gen and 3rd gen boards comes with their construction, as they now only use in house Boosted components (deck, wheels, trucks).

If you're already comfortable riding a skateboard, then you may be ready to try riding a boosted board. Boosted longboards, also known as electric skateboards, are a fun and safe way to take your skateboarding to the next level, whether you do it for fun, skill, or commuting. Learn what the different types of boosted longboards are, including branded Boosted boards, and which types are right for your needs.

The first thing to note when you search for a boosted electric skateboard on eBay is that boosted (lowercase) is a description, but Boosted (capitalized) is a brand. In other words, you can buy Boosted brand electric longboards and you can buy "boosted" electric longboards made by other manufacturers. Both types have much to offer in the way of fun, safety, and power, and may be comparable depending on the particular models. Among the different types of branded Boosted boards you'll find on eBay include:

There are several specific criteria used to distinguish and differentiate Boosted skateboards. One major factor is how each board feels while you ride it. A Boosted board may offer varying degrees of dexterity and power in urban settings, in bike lanes, on sidewalks, on campus or on the open road, and varying levels of stability, maneuverability, and speed. Boosted boards also differ in the composition and features of their drivetrain, battery, and deck. Other factors and characteristics used to describe a Boosted board on eBay include the following:

If you're looking for a bargain on a better Boosted board than you can afford new, or you can only find your preferred choice of Boosted board used, check it thoroughly before buying to make sure it's in perfect riding condition.

The Dual+ is a technological marvel, cleverly disguised as an everyday longboard. With custom controlled speed and power settings, take it easy while learning and then graduate to supercar performance. With faster acceleration, a higher top speed, and stronger braking, it's the board for people who always wish they were going faster.

Range - 7 MilesExpect 7 miles of range under normal riding conditions while in eco mode. In expert mode you can expect 6 miles of range. Riding slowly increases range, while hills and rough pavement decrease range. Regenerative brakes help you recoup energy riding down hills or coming to a stop. You can easily kick push the board if you do run out of battery, so you'll never be stranded. The Dual+ has an additional mode that unlocks the full potential of the board's power and acceleration; in this mode the range will be reduced to 4.5 miles.

Weight - 15 lbsThe board is light enough so you can easily carry it up stairs, in a restaurant or into any workplace. You can stow the board under your desk or lean it up against any wall - safe from people bumping into it.

Truck Width - 10 InchesGenuine Caliber trucks match the Loaded Vanguard Deck geometry beautifully, giving you optimal wheel-to-deck clearance for clean carving. You'll feel sure and stable with the extra wide wheelbase from these 10" class longboarding trucks.

Laser EngravingPersonalize your board by adding custom laser engraving to your deck. Return policy does not apply to engraved boards. Please allow 1-2 additional weeks for engraving. Each deck must be laser engraved before the board is assembled. 50 Character Limit (including spaces).

Twin Brushless DC-Motors - 2,000 Watts Of PowerBoosted's dual drive plus provides rocket powered acceleration even on the steepest hills. Expect a smooth and balanced ride with unparralled power and torque. Stop on a dime with the additional power and torque accessible for braking. Our low profile, inner mount design protects the motors and keeps the ride height low to maximize your longboarding experience.

Loaded 38 Inch Flexible Bamboo Vanguard DeckThe team at Loaded makes some of the best longboarding decks in existence. With its fiberglass-reinforced bamboo laminate construction, the Vanguard is no exception. You'll barely notice the bumps when you're carving hard on this nimble and flexible deck.

Caliber TrucksChoosing the right truck was all about performance. We asked longboarding pros what truck they preferred and they said Caliber for their clean ride and bulletproof design. We haven't been disappointed.

Intuitive, proportional, and responsive, the fully custom Boosted remote gives you direct control over your ride. Accelerate or brake with an ergonomic thumbwheel while an LED display interface on the remote tells you how much range is left on the board. You'll find it simple to command the board to go as fast or as slow as you like or even go in reverse. An extra powerful Bluetooth LE wireless unit makes a solid link between the remote and the board.

When you buy a Boosted Board you know you are not only buying a stable proven electric skateboard. You are also buying the best warranty that's around. With our own Fatdaddy shops working on repairs of Boosted you know that it will not only be fixed fast, it will also be done by professionals.

You have probably heard of Boosted boards and how it has been all the rave in the electric skateboarding community. You also heard how pricey it is, and we would not want you to spend on something you could not use or enjoy in the long run. Thus, our experts are here to help you answer whether the boosted board is a reasonable purchase.

Boosted Boards (now Boosted USA) was founded by Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen, and Matthew Tran with financial backing by StartX in mid-2012. They started as a Kickstarter campaign that pledges to deliver premium electric skateboards for a $100,00 goal. It launched with $467,000 worth of backing and was a massive success until its eventual dissolution in 2020.

Even though the production of Boosted boards has been discontinued, remaining stocks can still be purchased in Boosted USA [1] and customer-related inquiries can still be sent via

It is also noteworthy to add that since the discontinuation of their products, Boosted boards users across the world have stepped up in supporting each other by providing tips in building, maintenance, and usage, thus enticing more potential e-skaters in the present.

Aside from being lightweight and portable, it is also eco-friendly. Boosted founder Sanjay Dastoor claims that using these skateboards uses 20 times less energy for every mile than traveling in a car. Thus, reducing the footprint of energy use in terms of transportation.

Boosted Boards revolutionized the electric skateboarding community by bringing regenerative brakes to the next level. Our experts were consistently impressed by the accuracy of its forward and reverse braking. It is spot-on and really comes through on all occasions.

Boosted, like most electric skateboards, also have handheld remotes that coordinate with the motors. It can accelerate or decelerate depending on its user, and a Superflex composite deck integrated with a shock-absorbing mechanism.

Since it was founded in 2012, Boosted has prided on making electric skateboards with a vehicle-like quality. Boosted users attest that the board has longevity of 3+ years depending on how well and frequently it is maintained. Some known e-skaters claim to have traveled 3k miles using their boards and are still in their brand new-like condition. Our experts found that Boosted really did not cheap out on their materials if it would cost them to render inferior outputs. 041b061a72


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