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Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams

Desperate Measures __TOP__

Famous for his suspenseful fiction that delivers sheer emotional power, David Morrell, the bestselling author of First Blood, The Brotherhood of the Rose, The Fifth Profession, and Assumed Identity, here presents a mesmerizing novel of intrigue and high-action thrills. Fallen star journalist Matt Pittman holds a gun in his hand, ready to commit suicide until he's abruptly interrupted by a phone call and a bizarre assignment: to write the obituary of a man who is not yet dead. Suddenly, clinging desperately to a life he was so recently eager to discard, Matt finds himself both a murder suspect by the police and a target for murder by invisible assassins.

Desperate Measures

California is also desperately seeking more medical staff from overseas, perhaps from as far away as Australia, while opening field hospitals to care for non-ICU patients in places such as Costa Mesa, Porterville, Sacramento and Imperial; other facilities are on standby status in Riverside, Richmond, Fresno, San Diego and San Francisco. 041b061a72


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