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Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams

Muse Psycho

At the beginning of March, Matt tweeted about an upcoming song named Psycho, along with articles about psychopaths and brainwashing.[7][8][9] When questioned about the articles, he confirmed that they were relevant to the song's theme,[10] and suggested that Psycho would be the first single from Drones.[11]

Muse Psycho


When performed live, Chris whispers the pre-chorus words. Matt then whispers the "Fucking psycho" words. Through the chorus, Matt sings/shouts the "Fucking psycho" part on its own. It was the opener for nearly all the concerts in the Drones World Tour

And this would appear to be only the beginning. Even if Trump goes no further than winning the Republican candidacy, he still has at least six more months to continue to displace that legal and ethical superego (that he calls political correctness) with his own brand of American psychopathy. Even if a Democrat is inaugurated in 2017, it may be years before this damage can be undone. 041b061a72


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