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Anthony Adams

Multimedia Computing Communications And Applications Ebook Free Download ((BETTER))

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) is a distributed computing model which aims to share resources whose concept is not completely new. However, P2P systems are natural evolution in decentralized system architecture [1] in which peer is a node that can act as a client and server simultaneously in dynamic environment. Nodes can join or leave the system freely and also exchange resources directly without the help of a third party server. Popular P2P systems generate massive amount of traffic over the internet and it has been reported that 65% - 70% Internet backbone is P2P traffic. Furthermore, it may be estimated that 50% - 65% of download traffic and 75% - 90% of upload traffic is generated by P2P traffic access communities [2] . P2P networks can be classified according to their functionalities into three main classes such as file sharing, video streaming and VoIP. File sharing P2P applications like BitTorrent (BT), TopBT are the most popular among the three classes whereas video streaming classes applications are PPLive, PPStream and Voip application is Skype.

Multimedia Computing Communications And Applications Ebook Free Download


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