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Ski Patrol

As a result, the lives of many skiers have been saved, thousands of injured skiers have received prompt, skillful emergency care, and skiing / boarding has become a safer sport. Locally we are composed of over seventy volunteer Patrollers dedicated to providing ski / boarding safety at Snow Trails.One of our responsibilities at Snow Trails is to prevent accident by marking obstacles and by safety education. Another one of our responsibilities is helping injured skiers, by providing prompt, skillful emergency care.In 1997, with the industry movement towards snowboarding, Snow Trails Ski Patrol has added a snowboarding patrol to keep up our involvement with our guests. This is just one way for us to stay involved with the skiing / boarding public Patrollers are on duty to assist you. Your safety is their primary concern. All injuries must be reported.SafetyAll fencing, poles, signage and other marking devices are in place to inform you of potential hazards or obstacles. The markers will not protect you from injury, and it is your responsibility to stay away from marked areas. The use of helmets may reduce the risk of injury. Snowmaking and grooming activities are routinely in progress on slopes and trails. Use caution, ski in control and ski only on designated areas. Be aware of changing conditions; natural and man-made obstacles exist. Your responsibility code is also posted in the lodge and at the base of the slopes.You are advised to familiarize yourself with the content of the code so as to become more aware of the elements of risk involved in the sport of skiing. Please observe all signs posted!

Ski Patrol

Bluewood Ski Patrol includes paid and volunteer patrollers who work side by side with one another. All are held to the same standard, wear the same uniform and must be capable of performing all aspects of patrol work. These requirements allow Bluewood Ski Patrol to provide great customer service and superior care.

Bluewood Ski Patrol is actively recruiting new members. Recruitment generally focuses on skiers because some terrain and search-and-rescue operations require the patroller to be able to efficiently drag rescue sleds and traverse difficult out-of-bounds areas.

Bluewood Ski Patrol members are required to work a minimum number of duty days each ski season to remain on the patrol. In exchange for their services, members receive skiing privileges and other benefits from Bluewood. Members also receive the benefit of being part of a dedicated team, the first chair lift ride in the morning and last run of the day.

The Mountain Patrol is made up of roughly 100 members, the majority of those 100 members belonging to the Volunteer Patrol. The Volunteer Patrol consists of community members from all walks of life who have a passion for skiing as well as helping others. Many members of the Volunteer Patrol have been patrolling at Mission Ridge for decades. This duration of service has created a sense of teamwork, pride, and camaraderie not often found in volunteer groups and reflects in their commitment to superior medical care.

The Nordic Mountain Ski Patrol consists of volunteer patrollers and we are always looking for advanced alpine skiers and snowboarders who want to be a part of an organization dedicated to helping fellow skiers while enjoying America's favorite winter sport.

Phil Keberlein by email at or phone (920-358-4832), (calls between 9 am and 8 pm, please). Feel free to stop by the Ski Patrol Room during the ski season to discuss becoming a member of the Nordic Mountain Ski Patrol or fill out our interest form located in the Patrol room.

The Middlebury College Ski Patrol is one the the most unique and longest running patrols in the country. With the exception of the Director and Assistant Director the Patrol is staffed 100% by Middlebury College Students. This professional and medically trained organization is certified by the National Ski Patrol and Vermont EMS. Patrol provides first response medical care, hazard marking and mitigation, rescue, and ambassador services to patrons and staff of the Snowbowl and Rikert XC Center. Patrol also maintains and patrols the uphill skinning/hiking routes.

For over 20 years, NSP and Subaru have partnered to promote safety. Both NSP and Subaru strive to be the leaders of safety in their respective areas. Subaru helps get NSP patrollers and guests safely to the mountains, and NSP works diligently to keep guests safe while they are enjoying snow sports.

We are extremely lucky to have one of the most talented, dedicated Ski Patrols in the country. The Beaver Mountain Ski Patrol is a member of the National Ski Patrol system. Our patrol is one of the largest all-volunteer ski patrol in the US, and is one of the few all-volunteer patrols still around. There are several second generation legacy patrollers on our staff. They undergo a rigorous, competitive interview process and many hours of classes and training in order to do their job, which entails:

To educate our membership in patrolling and leadership skills, to meet and exceed the standards of the National Ski Patrol, and to fulfill our role as a student organization of the Dartmouth Outing Club

Each morning, the ski patrol must ski each and every trail before the public is allowed to go up the lift. We look for fallen tree limbs, holes in the snow, possible problems with the ski lift and any other situation which may be hazardous. If we find something, then we either mark the hazard or radio back to base if the situation is more serious. We may even close a trail of we deem it unsafe.

Members of the Greek Peak Ski Patrol are a highly trained team of skiing, telemark, and snowboarding enthusiasts. Majority of our patrol are volunteers. We all have a passion for the outdoors, and most importantly we have a passion for public service and ski safety. We have been serving the Cortland, NY area since 1945.

Our patrol has distinguished itself over the years by providing leadership to the NSP division, region, and section. Most section officers and advisors have come from Greek Peak, and numerous region advisors have been members of our Patrol.

Our MissionProviding effective first aid and transportation is the highest priority of the Mt. Bachelor National Ski Patrol. Each member must have, at a minimum, Outdoor Emergency Care certification and professional level CPR/AED certification, completing annual refresher courses in first aid instruction, CPR and other patrol procedures.

Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol promotes fun, safe, and responsible winter recreation byproviding education, delivering outreach, and rendering assistance to the Tahoe Region winter sports community.Join us on patrol! Learn more

Follow TBSP on Facebook! Who We AreTahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping make the Tahoe backcountry safer for everyone. We are all members of the National Ski Patrol, but instead of ski areas we patrol the public lands around Lake Tahoe and Truckee. We train all our members in emergency medicine, winter travel/survival, and search and rescue skills. There are currently over 50 skiers/riders on the patrol ranging in age from early 20s to early 60s and in ski ability from advanced intermediate to jaw-dropping rippers. TBSP patrollers get around on telemark or randonnee gear and on split-boards. We patrol the backcountry together in groups of 3 or more every winter weekend from December to mid-April.

The Gunstock Mountain Ski Patrol is a member of the National Ski Patrol, and is registered as a Professional Patrol. Our Patrol is made up of paid, volunteer, and junior patrollers. Each winter there are a handful of openings for patrol positions. If you have ever considered this profession, or have questions, please stop by any of our ski patrol top shacks to say hello and meet our team!

Experience is always good; but not required. Candidates for a patrol position must be passionate about the outdoors and helping others, as well as pass an on-hill ski evaluation. They must either have a medical certification as previously outlined, or be in the process of obtaining one. We will happily teach you the rest!

Where to Find Us: If you require assistance on the mountain or at the lodge, patrollers are ready to help! Patrollers are located at the top of Chair 1 in the First Aid Station and at the main lodge on the lower level in the southeast corner. Patrollers also ski/ride all runs within the 49 Degrees North Boundaries and carry radios in case of emergency. If you or someone you are with require assistance on the slopes, flag down a patroller in a red coat or ask a 49 Degrees North employee to ask for assistance over the radio.

Join the Patrol: Interested in joining the patrol? Certified 49 Degrees North instructors facilitate Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) training in the fall for qualified candidates. Potential candidates are required to 1) pass a ski test 2) complete the OEC class 3) complete CPR certification 4) complete a minimum of 10 on-hill training days 5) register with National Ski Patrol as a candidate

49 Degrees North Ski Patrol began in 1972 and currently has 96 patrollers of all ages and backgrounds.Our patrollers are certified through the National Ski Patrol (NSP) founded in 1938. There are 4 types of Ski Patrollers on the mountain. 041b061a72


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