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How To Get Many Likes On A Comment On Facebook \/\/FREE\\\\

Facebook loves posts with a lot of likes, comments, and shares. Those interactions are signals the Algorithm uses to determine the relevancy of a post. Posting stories that are relevant to your followers will get you all three, telling the Algorithm your posts are interesting.

how to get many likes on a comment on facebook


How much time you spend viewing stories becomes a factor Facebook uses to determine what to show at the top of your News Feed.While many people might not like, comment on, or share a post they found meaningful, they would likely spend more time on it than other posts. Hence, Facebook is taking this as a signal for ranking Facebook posts.By understanding what types of content someone prefers, Facebook can surface similar types of content higher up in their News Feed.How may this affect your Page? Facebook does not expect Pages to see significant changes in terms of reach. But if you want to improve your Facebook reach, making your content engaging could help.

In general, posts with high engagement (likes, comments, shares, views, etc.) will rank higher on your Instagram feed. When a post receives a ton of likes and comments, this signals to the Instagram algorithm that your post is quality, engaging content that more people will want to see, so the Instagram algorithm will show it to more users.

One of the best ways to generate a ton of engagement is to schedule your Instagram posts for when your audience is most active on Instagram. The reason for this is that the Instagram algorithm gives priority to posts with higher engagement, meaning that the more likes and comments your post receives, the more people will see your post.

Like the Explore Page, top posts are chosen algorithmically based on several factors, including how much engagement your post receives (likes and comments), the popularity of the hashtag, and how quickly your post receives its engagement. However, while the Explore Page is different for each user, when you browse a hashtag on Instagram, every Instagram user sees the exact same top posts!

MG Liker is an auto like app for Android devices that lets you increase the number of likes and comments in your Facebook photos and videos. By submitting your Facebook account, the app generates unlimited likes and comments in your posts.

Did you know that the most followed person on Facebook is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo? You would think that an international popstar would top the list, but Ronaldo beats them with a staggering 122 million followers. Imagine how many likes his posts can get! Granted there are over 2 billion active users on the social media platform, it's only natural that brands and celebs use it for PR and advertising. Apart from Instagram and YouTube, Facebook also plays a huge role in growing your market. The website has over 2 million active advertisers at the moment. Every minute, 486,183 users are logged in on mobile app alone. That's why businesses and personalities go above and beyond just to get likes on Facebook. In fact, companies often gauge their public presence through engagements on the social media site. This includes likes, comments, and shares.

If you're new to Facebook marketing, there are many tools that you can use in order to become the next viral sensation. Start by making sure that the content you post is of good quality. Then boost engagement with services offered by Facebook auto commenters or Facebook liker apps. That way, you can reach more people and broaden your market. You may also increase your social media mileage by getting a Facebook follower app that can connect you to dozens of profiles. You can also use the platform itself to advertise your brand or business by boosting your posts. Once you've gained enough attention to your content, it will be easier for you to grow your brand. Start improving your online presence!

Thus the Facebook number you will most commonly see is the total for all interactions including likes, shares and comments. However, are total Facebook interactions a good indication of content resonance?

The engagement rate offers you a more precise representation of content performance than simply looking at things like comments, shares, and likes. An engagement rate is calculated by dividing the total engagement with total followers and multiplying it by 100.

In an other hand, you should make sure to know your audience and what type of content they like. To do so, have a look at your Facebook analytics and make sure to keep an eye on the number of likes and comments each and everyone of your posts receive. If one of your posts seems to be getting more likes and comments than the others, then it is pointing you in the right direction.

If your actions (likes, comments, follows, posting, sharing stories or any other actions you could usually take on the platform) cannot be performed any longer, it means that Instagram blocked them and restricted you from being active on the platform. With such a block, you can't like anyone, follow any users, comment on their posts, or even share your own content.

What I want to make is this.Like 'Facebook like', I want to show how many users like of each comment.Since the user should know if the user hit like on each comment or not,Just adding 'counter' field is not enough, and I thought there should be the mapping tables as below.

That should happen naturally in the example I gave. Terms are sorted by doc_count descending so the more "liked" docs for a comment in the likes index the higher it appears in the array of top comment terms in the results. I amended my gist with extra like docs to show this effect.It's also possible to sort aggregation terms by other things like max date (to get the latest first) but the default sort order of number of docs should be working in your favour here.

As far as I understand, using sort aggregation terms can be possible only with the fields of 'likes_index'. Is it right?Because I've heard that I cannot do join with elasticsearch. And what I might need is to sort index with fields from comment index.

So I think just adding a 'title' field to likes_index could be the possible answer in order to search for comments which include specific keywords.I guess this is the best way to think of, but please, tell me if there are better options.And in the near future, I might need more functions, such as elasticsearch query score.(on comment_index)


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